Altrad Belgium: A new refugee training and development programme

As part of the Group sustainability drive for quality education, Altrad is delighted to support Altrad Belgium in the implementation of its workplace internships for displaced refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The programme will see new recruits being trained in Altrad’s core trades and working with local NGO “Rising You” to develop a six-month programme to bring them into the Altrad organisation.

The initial intake will be 16 people - 8 scaffolders and 8 insulators – who, by the end of their training programme, will then be brought into the workplace through an internship with Altrad, working within our core trades.

As indicated, the team will be evolving in conjunction with local NGO “Rising You” for screening, training and to develop the people to help them adjust as they transition into what is a new working environment and a new culture.

Raf de Cort, HR Director for Altrad Belgium, commented:

“This is an extremely important initiative for the business to support as this reflects the values that we, as an organisation, live by. Not only does it support the integration of the individuals into their new home environment, but it also gives them the skills to contribute to the reconstruction of their home country, should they be able to go back there in the future”.

Jan Vanderstraeten, Group CEO, commented:

“The human cost of the refugee disaster is something that we have viewed with great sorrow over the last few years. For us, being able to assist and positively impact the future of these individuals and their families is something that we are totally committed to support. We have the ability to assist with education, employment and thus to create a new beginning for these people. In return, I know we will have an effective, motivated, and loyal group of employees. I look forward to watching their progress in the organisation ; they will be a template for the rest of the group”.

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