Talent management & training

We rely on truly talented employees to build our future. They have a duty to set an example and embody the group’s values.

Our policy regarding talented employees is in keeping with the group’s overall policy for career management. By implementing this policy, we endeavour to :

  • Identify key employees of the company who distinguish themselves by their potential, expertise, know-how and contribution to the group’s success.
  • Challenge our potential, develop our talents, reward key contributors.
  • Enable employees to imagine their career within the group.
  • Create favourable conditions for their success and support them in their career within the group and in their progress plan.

Our aim is to promote :

  • The loyalty of our employees towards a company where success is within everyone’s reach and where talent, excellence and commitment are developed.
  • The competitiveness of the company thanks to experienced, competent and motivated employees.

Join us and take part in the adventure !

Talent management
Talent management

A training policy that enhances employees’ standing and skills

The Altrad Services Human Resources policy does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, sex, handicap, while ensuring equal treatment with regard to access to employment and professional development. This professional code of ethics is inseparable from our corporate culture which is based on the principles of equal opportunities, solidarity, openness and social dialogue. Our training policy also includes the personal development of our employees:

  • by deploying an approach to continuously improve working conditions and the management of social relations,
  • by offering training courses that make it possible to develop versatility and opportunities for advancement and mobility,
  • by establishing local-level monitoring of employees on assignments by their manager or tutor (the tutoring system is widely used within Altrad Services for support and to enhance skills).


Our approach is greatly appreciated and overwhelmingly supported both by employees of the group and by the professional organisations that we belong to.

Local content as second nature

In the countries where we operate, one of our main ambitions is to make a positive contribution to local communities.

Whether it concerns our historical geographical bases or emerging territories (where a significant part of our activities is carried out), the Altrad Group is always committed to promoting local employees through tangible actions, which rely upon three fundamental principles :

  • Transfer of know-how to local personnel,
  • Skills training programmes,
  • Creating the appropriate conditions to promote the emergence of local talents.

We are proud to be part of this socially responsible process that values training, education and skills development.

Local Content
Local Content
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