Scaffolding systems

Through its specialised subsidiaries, the Altrad group designs, manufactures and provides high quality, innovative scaffolding systems, oriented towards technically safe solutions to suit the needs of its customers.

Our access equipment is notably aimed at industrial service provider companies. It is suitable for work on engineering structures and historic monuments, as well as shipyards, oil refineries, petrochemical installations and nuclear power plants.
Our range also includes scaffolding for the building and construction industry and public works. It is suitable for masonry, timber framing and stone cutting projects. Our most loyal customers therefore include craftsmen as well as distributors, rental and installation companies and event agencies.

Our scaffolding is conform to the strictest health & safety and quality rules: it complies with all norms and decrees applicable in the countries in which it is manufactured and distributed.
We have a wide range of equipment, including façade and multi-directional scaffolding, lifting platforms and all associated accessories.

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Building & construction products

The Altrad group is a leader in the sector of products for the building and construction industry: top manufacturer of concrete mixers and wheelbarrows, it also designs, manufactures and distributes props and shorings, formwork equipment, compaction equipment, cutting tools, pumps and concreting tools.

The originality of the Altrad group's construction product offering lies in its quality and innovative nature as well as in its diversity and the ability to adapt to customer requirements:

  • Our teams are committed to the design and continuous improvement of our products. They also rationalise our production processes to ensure reliability (via tests carried out on test benches), thereby improving productivity at the same time. The fruits of these efforts can then be shared with our customers.

  • We have products for all uses and all requirements. Our offer is mainly aimed at major construction and public works companies, small and medium sized businesses, craftsmen and DIY customers, equipment traders and resellers.
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Street furniture & products for public authorities

The Altrad group proposes a very large choice of street furniture for the public sector, contributing to a community approach in the interests of the general public. Our teams select and propose suitable elements for all types of public authorities to equip and furnish their public areas, with a constant concern for optimal value for money.

The Altrad group carefully selects its furniture range for indoor and outdoor use based on quality and resistance criteria to ensure compliance with all mandatory standards applicable to public authorities.

Contact our subsidiaries to request theme catalogues on our major product families.

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