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Altrad: strong commitment as official partner

For Altrad, rugby embodies values above all: respect, solidarity, team spirit, commitment, courage, abnegation.

In this perspective, Altrad has become the majority shareholder of the MHR -Montpellier Hérault Rugby, with three main objectives:

  • Seek performance and share victories with a club whose unique history has its roots in the nineteenth century.
  • Embark on citizen engagement through building a dedicated training centre whose goal is to to support players, regardless of their age and level, in the perpetual pursuit of excellence - for athletic success, but also at school, university and when it comes to citizenship.
  • Federate all stakeholders - and all those who want to commit - around common values. With the MHR, within the Altrad Group, and beyond.

MHR Website

Altrad, official partner of the French Rugby Team, focuses on youth training and amateur rugby

The Altrad group is proud to see its logo appear on the shirt of the French Rugby Team. The commitment of our group is intended to support in the next five years amateur rugby and thus give more resources to the training of young people. This is the primary reason for this partnership.

But also, like all of you, we are ardent supporters of the “XV de France” and we wish our players the best for the years to come.

Allez la France, allez les Bleus ! We will always be with you, at all times!

ALTRAD: First official shirt sponsor of the French national rugby team

In March 2017, the French Rugby Federation officially announced that Altrad group would be the first shirt sponsor of France’s national rugby team.

In this manner, in addition to its status as official partner of the “XV de France”, the Altrad group is clearly committed to contributing to the success of the national team and the development of amateur rugby in the country.

All employees of the Altrad group, Mohed Altrad being the first amongst them, are particularly proud and happy with this collaboration and hope that it will continue positively in the years to come.

French National Rugby League Website French Rugby Federation Website

Mohed Altrad

Sport, and especially rugby, is an area of education and integration. It relates to the values that I have always defended in my life: passion, commitment, solidarity, and the will to succeed while respecting others

Mohed Altrad
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