• Samsung Heavy Industries
  • SHELL (owner)


  • Offshore (Floating LNG)


  • Provision of cryogenic insulation to the topside piping
  • Plus: offshore insulation hook-up for total project
  • Thermal & Cryogenic insulation to both process and storage area


  • In excess of US$100M contract as part of the circa US $ 14.0Bn development project
  • Cape, part of the Altrad Group, set up a training school for Korean Labour and trained 360 locals in cryogenic insulation
  • Peak of 800 employees

Major dates: March 2016 to May 2017


  • FLNG – Largest floating vessel ever built will be anchored to the sea - bed of Australia for 25 years.
  • Total 488 metres long x 74 metres wide
  • 600,000 Tonnes fully loaded (for comparison the Largest US Aircraft carrier Nimitz is 97,000 tonnes fully loaded)
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