Tunisia : ALTRAD CEDRIA supports Medina Jedida College and the ASDA association

Having the right tools to work and progress is crucial, especially for young people and also people suffering with disabilities. This is something that the ALTRAD CEDRIA teams have understood well.

For this reason, they took actions, especially Mathias Altrad, Firas Hamdi, Kalthoum Karray, and Mohamed Ben Ayed, by contacting the teams of two local institutions : The Medina Jedida College and the ASDA Association (which supports the hearing impaired). In concrete terms, to offer tangible support, the ALTRAD CEDRIA teams have donated computers and also provided their IT manager to facilitate the installation of these devices. This action will allow about a hundred young students to continue their development when it comes to practical computer skills. And for the ASDA Association, these computers will facilitate its day-to-day operations and, consequently, this will provide some support to people with hearing impairments.

The ALTRAD Group and all its subsidiaries are resolutely focused on building a better future for everyone. ALTRAD CEDRIA is firmly committed to this sustainable development policy and proves it once again here.

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