The " Quai d'Orsay / Entreprises" programme: a training and integration programme between France and Angola

As part of its social responsibility policy, the ALTRAD Group, through its subsidiary Prezioso Angola, signed a partnership agreement with the Angolan Ministry of Education in March 2012. The main objective of this agreement is to contribute to the development of schools in the Eiffel educational network in Angola.

It all really started in 2013 when Prezioso Angola hosted four scholarship students: two in management and accounting (now employed by ALTRAD as financial executives in Angola), one in mathematics (currently doing a Master's degree in Portugal), and a fourth in industrial engineering, who subsequently moved on to the University of Texas.

Following this first successful integration and partnership, ALTRAD decided in 2016 to join the "Quai d'Orsay / Entreprises" programme. Set up in 2006 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this programme is coordinated and monitored by the French Embassy in Luanda, and aims to encourage Angolan students from high schools in the Eiffel network to come to France.

The group thus financed two scholarships to the finalists who were able to follow a Master's degree in Energy and Environment for two years.

Subsequently, in 2020, the best senior high school students from the network of the four Eiffel schools in Angola (Caxito, Manlanje, Ndalatando and Ondjiva) were invited to take part in the "Quai d'Orsay/ Entreprises" competition. Following the exams and interviews conducted by ADIUT (Assembly of Directors of University Institutes of Technology) in the premises of the Alliance Française de Luanda, two candidates were selected by Prezioso Angola to benefit from a scholarship in Industrial Engineering and Maintenance, as well as a monthly salary, health insurance and an internship programme, all financed by the ALTRAD Group.

These projects with students strengthen our commitment to Angola, helping to promote the country's socio-economic development through social responsibility programmes. We are pleased to accompany the students in this project. We follow their training path closely and have no doubts about their commitment and success in this programme and ultimately within the group.

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