Success for ALTRAD Fort BV on its transition to Green Energy

Success for ALTRAD Fort BV on its transition to Green Energy

In the Netherlands, Altrad Fort BV supports the ambition of the city of #Tiel to become a more #sustainable area through the reduction of #greenhouse gas emissions.

The ‘Sun on Industrial Roofs’ project that started in September 2019 is now extremely tangible in terms of both #green and economic benefits. As a building owner and a participant in this project, Altrad Fort has made its factory roof available to the installation of 2,820 #solar #panels, which generated a yield of ± 717,000 kWh of green energy in 2020.

The installation was financed by a specialist company, which shares in the income derived from the solar panels. This approach has proven to be very successful. For Altrad Fort, this project has not only enabled a transition to green energy, but also generated positive cashflow through a combination of significantly reduced energy purchase, the sale of excess energy to the grid and part of the subsidy on green energy.

And what is even more important, the reduction in CO2 emissions is estimated at ± 258 tonnes per year. This demonstrates the interest and impact of solar power: it is today clearly possible to combine clean energy with financial savings.

Ran Oren, Altrad Group Co-CEO, commented: “As part of our commitment to becoming a more sustainable group, Altrad must make a difference: this initiative coming from Altrad Fort BV, based on solar power, has demonstrated we can adopt an economically viable sustainable approach in the long run. Altrad is systematically looking at ways to transition to green energy, with a clear ambition of significantly reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, one step after another”.

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