Restoration of the roof of the Palais Bourbon “hemicycle”: a delicate operation, successfully completed thanks to Altrad teams (Arnholdt)

The roof of the Palais Bourbon “was becoming leaky, which was damaging the interior paintings by Fragonard, while the corroded metals required increasingly frequent repairs”, explained Marie-Danièle Pessard, architect specialising in heritage buildings.

Nevertheless, before the actual work could begin, an astonishing scaffolding had to be put in place: a technical achievement in itself, since it comprised a vast umbrella resting on the walls of the building. With a very low load-bearing capacity and very few attachment points, the load bearing capacity of this temporary structure had indeed to be calculated precisely, to avoid weakening the existing structure.

Altrad Arnholdt carried out this task in a precise and extremely professional manner: congratulations to Fabrice Queneudec's teams for this masterful work!

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