Renovation of the DIMONIKA school in the heart of the Congo forest

The Altrad Group has a strong presence in the Congo and participates in the country's economic activity through its local subsidiary. In the same way, the Altrad Group is pursuing a policy of sustainable development in this territory by supporting remarkable initiatives. Today, we wanted to highlight the village of Dimonika, a historic site located in the heart of the Congo forest (in the Mayombe area). This territory, which for a long time was home to gold miners, is today forgotten by most people. The children of this land are mostly left to their own devices.

A recent initiative was launched by Rotary with the aim of getting 100 village children back to school and providing them with access to literacy and learning certain trades (such as mechanics and agriculture).

Altrad wishes to support this approach, the common thread of which is the rehabilitation of the local school.

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