Proud to support Zero2Hero

Altrad is proud to support Zero2Hero

The Cape2Cape trek is an annual walk that sees corporate teams and individuals take part to raise awareness and funds for Zero2Hero’s youth health and suicide prevention programs.

Hosted by Zero2Hero, the Cape2Cape trek sees participants walk 135 kms over 5 days from Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse in the South West of Western Australia. The trek is both physically and mentally challenging and each participant takes it on to make a difference to the lives of young people by fundraising to assist Zero2Hero in their vision.

“The message I’ve taken away from it is that, while I was going through it, I was in so much pain but I knew my pain would end once I got there and I’ve been able to push through. Then seeing what someone who has lost somebody to suicide is going through really made me realize how insignificant my problems are and how worth the pain is to help these people” said a 2018 trekker.

This year, 8 Altrad’s employees from Altrad Cape Australia and Altrad HUB will challenge themselves by undertaking this long walk that will be taking place from March 31st to April 5th, 2019

In addition to the active participation of its employees on this trek, the Altrad group have donated $16,000 to Zero2Hero.

We can all make a difference, if you wish to donate, visit

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