Norway: World première: The first pressurised habitat system, both ATEX and IECEx certified, now exclusively available through the Altrad Group

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce our latest product development, the Altrad - Prezioso Linjebygg habitat. For many years, we have been using third party habitat equipment in our projects. But there was a need of an improved habitat, with an enhanced safety level, operability and speed of installation and removal.
In 2016, we therefore took the decision to design a complete new habitat from the ground up. Considering the most stringent regulations and standards, Prezioso Linjebygg engineers analysed the available solutions and materials in the market and created an entirely new and improved system. In concrete terms, our habitat allows hot work to be executed safely in hazardous gas zones, without the need for a shutdown of production and associated costs. Clean air is pumped from a safe location into the habitat, overpressure inside the habitat is maintained, and the chance of gas entering the hot work area is eliminated.
The improvements result in superior features of our habitat when compared to the competition.
It is offered in different standardised dimensions. Indeed, by combining the modular panels, any shape and dimension can be created. We offer comprehensive packages, including training of your designated key personnel and a service agreement for technical support.  Typical delivery lead time is 12 weeks, pricing is depending on the requirements and is available on request.

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