New Year’s Eve KISS 2020 Goodbye concert in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, took place thanks to Altrad Teams’ professionalism

The iconic rock band KISS refused to let the global pandemic get in the way of rock n' roll.  The band decided to create a record-breaking show for New Year's Eve at the end of 2020.  In collaboration with the production company Landmarks Live, one of the biggest stages ever seen at the Atlantis Dubai was built.

Although only watched by 5,000 people live from the balconies of surrounding hotels (with respect for social distancing), the group wanted an event that would allow them to “reignite the fire”. The idea was to bring together two stages to obtain a stage volume of more than 20 km3.

The stage was so big that NASA could have housed it and launched a space shuttle. But instead of installing a spaceship, the event broke other records: the highest flame projection in a music concert (35 metres), with 73 flame projections launched simultaneously.

To achieve these amazing results, in a controlled environment from a safety point of view, KISS and its production partners turned to the expertise and products of 3 reliable service providers: a collaboration between AES, ALTRAD Generation and ALTRAD DESSA made it possible to provide the right expertise and products, not forgetting the design phase, engineering, logistics and the scaffolding system.

A total of 1.7 km of "Asterix" beams were used, supporting 58 tonnes of rigging. The Generation Uni-Roof temporary roof solution was also deployed to construct a 42.5 m wide and 26 m deep roof.  

Thanks to the speed and ease of assembly of the Futuro and Uni-Roof solutions, the construction of the entire structure took just 11 days.  The 63 operators were able to work in complete safety and comply with Covid-19 protocols (thanks to the easy-to-handle products).

There was no more original way to say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to 2021 with music.

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