Mohed Altrad is on the cover of a new magazine, BSMAG (Business Story Magazine). In this first issue, he reveals himself like never before. This interview well worth the read. Here are some short extracts:

“My greatest pride is that I have managed to break out of the condition that was assigned to me. To go beyond the written limits, those that I should never have gone beyond. That is my pride. And that is the spirit I try to get through to my employees”.

“I was always happy to be where I was. But I have never given up on the idea of going further, of doing more, of taking on more and more challenges”.

“Sometimes I get in the way, I can be annoying, I know that. But I do not hesitate, despite everything, to say what I think and to express a vision that is not always shared because, perhaps, it is expressed from a different viewpoint. But you see, I still have many challenges to face”.

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