Jan Vanderstraeten and Ran Oren become joint-Chief Executive Officers of Altrad Group

Dear All,

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Jan Vanderstraeten and Ran Oren as joint Chief Executive Officers of Altrad Group with immediate effect. Their appointment follows the departure of Louis Huetz during the month of September, to whom I and the Group are very grateful for his long and dedicated service, helping to grow the Group from a €600m turnover business to a multinational industrial services and construction equipment provider and manufacturer with a turnover of €3bn.
These new permanent appointments reinforce Altrad’s enviable reputation and positioning, allowing the Group to continue its ambitious growth and solid financial position, with an unwavering commitment to client service and delivery of a safe and ethical working environment.

Please join me in wishing well and success to Jan and Ran.

Mohed Altrad

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