Hérault, France: after the terrible fire, Altrad comes to the rescue of the company AVH

2,000 sqm of buildings were destroyed, but housing saved.

Altrad, which has a subsidiary in Florensac, said it would be helping the company whose workshops were recently destroyed by a terrible fire.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, a fire destroyed the AVH production workshop which is affiliated with an association that works with disabled people. Thirty people are now in difficulty because of this disaster but unexpected help came early Monday morning. About 2,000 sqm of building were destroyed as well as the stock of wood.

Altrad offers premises

“A huge solidarity is being set up around this structure, explains Vincent Gaudy, the mayor of the municipality who is also a member of the board of directors of the association. The Altrad company will lend premises so that production does not suffer too much and that orders can be fulfilled. Plus, there is an urgent need for a numerically controlled machine to help these employees continue their jobs.”
The Altrad company, whose parent company is located in the municipality, is a very large customer of this structure. It has thus quickly played solidarity for AVH, which manufactures stage floors and related scaffolding: “It’s a very big employer for the city, and the fire is going to put 30 people in difficulty, including 22 disabled workers and work instructors working in the workshop. But we hope that everything will be promptly fixed.”, adds the mayor of Florensac.

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