Give a little blood, give a little of yourself… and save lives

As part of World Blood Donor Day (WBDD), the MHR Solidaire, in collaboration with the ’Etablissement Français du Sang', opened the doors of the GGL Stadium's trophy room for a special day of blood donation.

On this occasion, the employees of the Altrad Group based in Montpellier and its suburbs joined the employees of the MHR club (administrative staff, staff and players) and took a few minutes of their time to make a donation that should be described as "vital". Indeed, on this day, 68 donations were made. And even more important to note here: among those present, there were no less than 24 new donors! A precious resource for the “Etablissement Français du Sang”.

Thank you guys for this mobilisation which will call for others during the next season, since the MHR Solidaire intends to renew the experience in order to mobilise its troops as regularly as possible and thus raise awareness among the general public.

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