Florensac, Espace Ma Résidence: a project spanning almost 10 years and a €1 million donation from the Altrad Group

On 14 June last, the Espace Ma Résidence was inaugurated, a project resulting from almost 40 years of partnership between the Altrad Group, the city of Florensac and the “Association de la Vallée de l'Hérault” (AVH). This brand new complex brings together "Ma Résidence" (a residential home for people with disabilities) and "Les Voisins de Ma Résidence" (10 inclusive housing units for retired people with disabilities).

As part of this public-private partnership, the Altrad Group has contributed funds totalling €1 million to enable retired disabled people to have a long-term accommodation solution adapted to their situation.

Set on a 6,000 m² plot of land, the Espace “Ma Résidence” offers modern facilities tailored to the needs of future residents: 19 flats of 21 m², 4 studio flats of 24 m², and various communal rooms. There are also offices and meeting rooms for educators, administrative staff and psychologists. Then, opposite the main building, there are "Les Voisins de Ma Résidence", 10 flats of 44 m² each, specially designed to accommodate retired people with disabilities; a way for them to continue living in their familiar surroundings, without having to leave the town of Florensac where they have worked for the Altrad Group for 40 years.

Mohed Altrad concludes: "Altrad was born here and we are very keen that the Group's head office should remain in Florensac. The future is also, and above all, built on the past. We therefore intend to play a role in Florensac and contribute to the good of the town. At Altrad, we are not just involved in industry and the Group's traditional activities. We also have an endowment fund, with a strong social aspect".

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