CSR - Florensac: construction of a new living space for adults with disabilities.

The Altrad group, the town hall of Florensac and the “Association Vallée de l'Hérault” - which supports adults with disabilities - are joining forces by investing in the construction of a new housing building allowing, on the one hand, accommodation for workers with disabilities and, on the other hand, accommodation adapted to ESAT retirees (establishment and service of assistance through work) taking into account the issues related to the aging and disability of these workers.

The originality of this project is to offer workers with disabilities at the end of their careers the opportunity to continue their life in a reassuring environment, without having to move to a retirement home. In fact, Retirement houses are intended to support people, whose average age at admission is around 87 years. These establishments are not suitable for "young retirees" even with disabilities, nor equipped to support them properly. And the current health crisis has further reinforced this problem.

The Altrad group made a donation to enable this project to be carried out, which is part of the continuity of its support already provided to disabled, retired and working people.

“The story began 36 years ago. Next to the factory I bought in Montpellier, there was a building occupied by disabled children. They were abandoned and had the idea to give them simple jobs to do and thus pay them a salary. These children have become adults and now retirees. I participate in the financing of this retirement home. A business is a social responsibility. I try to assume it as much as possible”.

The Altrad group and the Vallée de l'Hérault Association have worked in close collaboration since 1985, when the Florensac plant was acquired by Mohed Altrad. The Group has recruited workers and subcontracted work to AVH's production workshop.

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