COVID-19: in Germany and the Benelux, Altrad operational teams entirely mobilised to fight against the virus spreading

In Germany, the rapid reaction of Altrad in providing industrial services for a well-known company located in Düsseldorf has contributed to a quick turnaround in the production process, which resulted in the establishment of an ad hoc activity intended to urgently produce essential hand gel for the medical sector. A “thank you” letter has been sent to our team in Germany to stress our commitment and the dedication of Altrad workers, who are certainly not as visible as the medical staff, but nonetheless crucial to fight the COVID-19.

The Altrad Benelux team is, at the ae time, working on practically every pharmaceutical site in Belgium to support them in these challenging times. On some of these sites, normal production has also been adapted to increase production of medicines and disinfecting hand liquids which are not sufficiently available at the moment throughout Europe.

We are committed to fight the disease and make our countries safe again.

Altrad teams remain motivated to work in accordance with restrictions and measures following COVID-19 regulations.

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