Challenge Cup 2021 / ALTRAD - Montpellier Hérault Rugby: Excellence as “Raison d'Etre"

Second #Challenge_Cup won against the Tigers from #Leicester last night (after the one in 2016 against #Harlequins).
In 10 years, other major achievements could be mentioned: 2 #Top14 finals, several significant episodes such as 2 memorable "remontadas" (in 2 of the last 3 seasons with, each time, a dozen games won in a row!).
The common point in all this: one team, one vision (that of #Mohed_Altrad) consisting of striving for #excellence, and an ALTRAD - MHR partnership that is stronger than ever.
Congratulations to the players, staff and fans who continue to support their team in good and bad times. Our #resilience knows no bounds!

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