Altrad wins two major contracts in Congo from Total (TEPC) and Ponticelli

Prezioso Congo (a local subsidiary of the Altrad Group) has won the paint maintenance tender for all of TEPC's (Total Group) installations, while Ponticelli has awarded the same Altrad Group the next "Deep Water" FMC contract for all of its activities.

Total E&P Congo has just entrusted Prezioso Congo with the paint maintenance of all its sites for a period of 3 years (with 2 optional years in addition). We are proud of this mark of confidence which rewards a long-standing collaboration, constant innovation and a high level of quality.

In more detail, this project consists of the following operations:

  • LEVEL 2 PAINT MAINTENANCE: Touch-up paint maintenance to treat localised paint defects and damage to stop corrosion and avoid potential holes.
  • LEVEL 3 PAINT MAINTENANCE: Paint maintenance consisting of a small specific campaign to repair extensive paint damage and defects (which cannot be treated by "touch-up"), and affecting equipment, piping or a localised area. The objective here is to restore lasting protection to the paint coatings, i.e. over 10 years.
  • FINALLY, FLOORING PAINT MAINTENANCE: Shot blasting and application of paint on floors using a BLASTRAC type shot blaster with a suction system.

The sites of intervention concerned are the following:

    • PNGF NORTH SECTOR: The PNGF NORTH sector includes the YANGA platform, which went into production in 1983, and its four satellites, and the SENDJI platform, which went into production in 1985, plus four satellites. The gas processed on the YANGA platform comes from KOMBI, LIKALALA, LIBONDO and the YAFP platform.
    • NKOSSA AREA: The NKOSSA field, commissioned in 1996, includes a production barge (NKP) on which various oil and gas processing modules are installed, an LPG module and two well platforms (NKF1 and NKF2). 
    • MOHO NORTH AREA: The MOHO NORTH site was put into production in 2017. It includes a Floating Production Unit (FPU) LIKOUF barge, on which various oil, water and gas processing modules are installed. But also a TLP (Floating platform maintained by a tensioned mooring system).
    • MOHO-BILONDO SECTOR: The MOHO-BILONDO field, which came on stream in 2008, is the first deep offshore Congolese field and includes a Floating Production Unit (FPU) on which various oil, water and gas processing modules are installed. The ALIMA FPU treats effluent from the MOBIM, BILONDO, MOBIM NORD and ALPHA BETA and BILONDO reservoirs via two production manifolds installed in 600 to 900 metres of water. 
  • DJENO LOT & Industrial Base
    • DJENO SECTOR: The DJENO Terminal, located 20km south of Pointe-Noire, was built in 1972 for the transit of crude oil from the Republic of Congo. Today, more than 90% of Congo's crude oil production transits through the Djeno Terminal.
    • INDUSTRIAL BASE SECTOR: The Industrial Base Site is located in Pointe-Noire and was built in 1981 for the storage and transit of material going to the COMPANY's offshore sites. The site has an area of 20 hectares. The main activities carried out are: storage and management of materials - handling - logistics - assistance services to offshore sites - management of chemical products - intervention - storage of diesel and water supplies to offshore sites - preparation of drilling equipment and oil production - administration.
      • The site consists of the following facilities: three material storage warehouses with a total surface area of 45,000m2 - a 12,000m2 chemical storage facility - a 4-hectare pipe yard - three diesel storage tanks (3150m3) - a 2000m3 water storage tank - a 300m boat landing dock - a jetty - seven office buildings - a laboratory building - a building for the intervention team.

At the same time, our teams are working with Ponticelli Congo on the implementation of the new FMC contract for TEPC's Deep Water assets, which starts on 1 July this year for a period of 5 years.

As part of this contract, Ponticelli Congo has entrusted us with all of our subcontracting activities, with 2 "Core-Crew" teams on Alima and Likouf, as well as scaffolding, industrial insulation, painting, rope access works, non-destructive testing (NDT), resin coating, etc.

We are proud of this proof of trust, which encourages us to maintain our high standards. As always, we are going to put forward the values of the Altrad group: courage, respect, humility, solidarity and conviviality, in order to show our clients that they were right to put their trust in us.

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