ALTRAD wins FPU “NKP” shutdown contract (Total E&P Congo)

Altrad has just won a significant project in Congo, with its client Total E&P Congo. This is a major contract for the shutdown of the FPU “NKP”, Total's first FPU (Floating Production Unit) in Congo. This kind of assignment always represents a major challenge: it involves several months of preparation (7 exactly) for 26 days of intervention. During this period, Altrad (through its subsidiary Prezioso Congo) and Friedlander will have to change piping networks and revamp a large part of the installation.

For the first time, Altrad intervenes here in a consortium, directly in liaison with the end customer Total E&P Congo, which is a strong mark of trust (to which the Altrad group is sensitive).

The unit shutdown will take place on November 1st, 2020, for 33 “oil-to-oil” days (i.e. 4 days of availability, 26 days of work and 3 days of tests and verifications). In a nutshell, the project will represent the erection / dismantling of 20,000 m3 of scaffolding, the application of 4,000 m2 of coatings and the installation of 500 m2 of thermal insulation. And during the month of shutdown, we will deploy a team of 40 to 50 operators.

Altrad, concretely on this project, started the first activities in June, with the preliminary studies related to the insulation of the pipes and the erection of scaffolding. Our teams will ramp up throughout the summer to reach a peak of 40 to 50 people working in 2 shifts. And in the back office, a whole team will be mobilised: a project manager, assistant site managers, scaffolding and painting supervisors, logisticians, HSE managers who will be responsible for ensuring the safety of personnel during the phases of works.

Thus, for the next 7 months, Marc Grégoire's teams (General Manager of Altrad for the Congo) will be mobilised so that our client's installations restart without incident on D-Day.

With a great deal of experience in these activities (three shutdowns in 2019-2020), Prezioso Congo (Altrad group) benefits from the trust of its partners and customers to ensure the success of this work, which requires a strong spirit of solidarity, a lot of humility and a good deal of courage (at view of the scope of the task to be carried out). Respect for commitments and conviviality in the field will be part of the success of this project.

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