Altrad Unveils Latest-Generation, Ultra-Lightweight Shoring Tower: ALTRALIGHT

Made of aluminium and steel, the ALTRALIGHT proudly joins its big sister, the HD 320 shoring tower, in Altrad’s industry-leading offering.

Lighter and more ergonomic, the tower allows users to carry out assembly and disassembly operations in complete safety. A revolution in the shoring market, this technology enables easier assembly thanks to the extreme lightness of its components.

ALTRALIGHT is completely in line with the expectations of the most demanding industry user, both in terms of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) prevention and safety during assembly.

These major advantages are thanks to lightweight members protected by steel components, including a connecting bell and jack support ring system patented by Altrad Coffrage & Etaiement in France and Europe, which provides exceptional product longevity without any special precautionary measures.

In fact, the heaviest components weigh just 9 to 10.3 kg for most common frames.

This tower is available in 3 frame sizes allowing the construction of towers with variable cross-sections compatible with the ALTRADAL floor formwork system: 125 x 125 cm, 125 x 160 cm, 125 x 210 cm, 160 x 210 cm, 160 x 160 cm, 210 x 210 cm.

The weight of these frames provides real added value:

  • 125 cm: frame weight 9 kg,
  • 160 cm: frame weight 10.3 kg, and
  • 210 cm: frame weight 12 kg!

A lightweight solution to heavyweight challenges.

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