Altrad supports and contributes to the ‘Bouge’ festival

‘Bouge’ is a hip-hop event held on the Atlantic coast. This urban festival, taking place in the heart of the so-called “city of giants” (note: in the Méan-Penhoët district of Saint-Nazaire), allows the discovery of musical nuggets, dancers or urban sportsmen, as part of stages open to creation: “not so well established” groups or confirmed ones give stage appearances in front of several thousand festival-goers of all ages. A good spirit crosses the event. Last year, Altrad provided for free a scaffolding structure for an urban route.

This year, for the 11th edition of 'Bouge', our group is committed again because the philosophy of this festival responds to the challenges of social responsibility defended by the Altrad group: indeed, more and more people (more than 5000 in 2017) come to celebrate and share together music, sport and dance, in an eclectic artistic setting: for the 2020 edition, the French singer born in Dakar Tété, the rapper Lord Esperanza (urban pop) and the “Hurlements d’Léo” are already scheduled.

And Altrad wishes to contribute in a positive and inclusive spirit, especially since this year, innovation comes through safety, which matters a lot within the Altrad group. Indeed, "the site dedicated to the festival will be completely closed because it is important to reassure families" explain the organisers.

Festival ‘Bouge’, Saturday June 27, 2020, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the Hall of Penhoët, Saint-Nazaire.

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