Altrad Plettac scaffolding plays a crucial role in the restoration of a burnt-out basilica in Germany

Two weeks before the completion of the almost two-year renovation of the ancient Rottenbuch monastery, a major fire occurred on the site. The roof of the newly renovated basilica was destroyed and the historic building was damaged by the water (used to put out the fire). As a result, the roof had to be demolished because of the danger of collapse. And for the scaffolding to be installed on the building (20 metres high), Altrad Plettac Assco products and solutions were chosen.

The approach was to tackle, step by step, the fire damage to the façade and the roof. The first phase was to install a temporary protective roof to allow the building to be restored. For this work, "Gerüstbau und -verleih Seyfert" called on the solutions of Altrad Plettac Assco. The location, close to the Alps, at 770 metres above sea level, as well as the difficult weather conditions imposed strict standards for the renovation project.

To ensure trouble-free operation, even during the cold months, the "Plettac 75" weather protection roof was used over an area of approximately 1660 m². This approach offered the advantage of fast and safe pre-assembly on the ground without additional auxiliary scaffolding. At the same time, this safely deployed approach minimised costly crane deployment times. 

But in addition to this weather protection, a total of around 12,000 m² of Plettac material was used as scaffolding on this site. In addition, due to the heating required on site, a double tarpaulin was used inside and outside in the roof area.

Well done to the Altrad Plettac Assco teams for their ingenuity and reliability on a delicate and complex site.

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