ALTRAD mobilises for World Environment Day and collects 30 tons of waste

Within ALTRAD, each subsidiary, each entity, each service has mobilised (and is still mobilising) to participate fully in World Environment Day, which has been celebrated by convention on June 5 every year since 1973. This is indeed the date designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations to raise awareness and encourage initiatives to respond to the urgent challenges facing us, such as global warming or marine pollution.

And this year, within the ALTRAD Group, for several weeks already, dozens of initiatives have been launched to contribute to the collection of waste in the four corners of the globe. To date, we have already collected 30 tons, and this volume will increase further as the mobilisation actions continue.

Our teams worked in a spirit of solidarity; in particular, they identified the major risk associated with plastic pollution. Above all, they understood that this action had to continue and be deployed over time because it is every day that we must act, individually and collectively. Our common future depends on it.

The attached short document shows some examples of our 2023 actions.

#beatpollution #Altrad

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