Altrad is also in Equatorial Guinea

Established since 2017 in Malabo, Altrad Prezioso - Equatorial Guinea has succeeded in taking its place in the Equatorial Guinean landscape as a major player in the provision of industrial services.

Total Equatorial Guinea recently entrusted our teams with four fuel storage tanks, for which we deployed all our know-how, including classic ten-year inspections and (re)barrelling (which consists of measuring the tank's capacity), as well as mechanical repairs (changing the bottom plates of one of the tanks).

And to complete the project, on-site painting was carried out on almost 1300 m² and more than 28 tonnes of sheet metal were installed. In total, 14 days of inspection and 28 days of civil works were carried out during the 212 days of the project.

Our client was fully satisfied with our work and gave us his feedback:

“The Altrad Prezioso - Equatorial Guinea team has successfully developed its service offering in a country where the skills and resources come mainly from abroad. It is reassuring for us to know that we have this partner on our side, locally, capable of meeting our needs. As for the projects on our reservoirs, the work was carried out with a great deal of professionalism, seriousness, and rigour, which meant that there were no accidents and that we were able to keep to the budget and deadlines. We are obviously satisfied”.

Philippe PRUDENT, Managing Director of Total Equatorial Guinea

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