Altrad intervened massively at the heart of the new Multimodal Exchange Centre in Rennes (France)

As part of the new Multimodal Exchange Centre in Rennes, which will be replacing the back-station, within the Euro-Rennes district that will be unveiled by 2025, the Altrad group has been selected for the cover of the SNCF train station. The architecture of this one is composed of inflatable elements, as the selected concept is based upon a flexible tarpaulin that lets the light pass.

This project required the installation of a huge temporary scaffolding on a total length of about 300 meters, as the building itself appears to be gigantic. Then the scaffolding was gradually removed to make room for the inflatable blanket.

We are delighted by this great achievement, which is consistent with all of our executions in our current and future projects.

Mohed Altrad

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