Altrad Hertel – Celebrating a culture of safety

The uncompromising commitment of Altrad to its raison d'être to continue to build safer environments, has once again been recognised and rewarded.

Netherlands’ largest energy from waste (“EfW”) player, AVR, announced its coveted AVR safety award to Altrad Hertel on the 29th of January, 2019!

Our ability, as the Altrad Hertel team, to seamlessly adapt to our clients’ environments and its challenges, both operational and linguistically, was hailed as one of our most outstanding characteristics, resulting in this prestigious award!

At the presentation of the award, Patrick Vanrolleghem, Senior Safety Expert at AVR commended Altrad Hertel on its adaptability and ability to walk the extra mile to ensure the safety of not only their own personnel but also of their customers.

To our dedicated team at Altrad Hertel who made this all possible, a big thank you!

Altrad Hertel – Beyond Zero; a culture of safety

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