Altrad Group: The Group’s new Safety Golden Rules

The Altrad group’s Health & Safety Progress Unit decided about a year ago to develop and implement Golden Rules for safety throughout the Altrad Group. These basic safety rules to help control our most significant risks make sense in that they define a common framework and help to build a common identity for all the group's service companies.

The work of building these Golden Rules was entrusted to a working group of representatives of Hertel, Balliauw and Prezioso Linjebygg.

The Altrad Golden Rules, shown in the accompanying illustration, determine a common framework consisting of nine themes, each associated with a pictogram and a main rule illustrating the theme in question. Only this common framework is imposed by the group. Each company has to build its own secondary rules and its communications and deployment plans. The group will be available to support each company in deploying the Golden Rules.

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