As a participant in the 'Sun on Industrial Roofs' project, Altrad Fort is working on a major step towards making Tiel energy neutral.


The 'Sun on Industrial Roofs' project was started in September 2019, to provide participating companies with a large roof surface in Tiel and a large-scale consumption connection with solar panels. As a participant in this project, Altrad Fort had over 2800 solar panels installed on the roof of its factory. With this, the company is taking a step towards working energy neutral, as it strives to work more environmentally conscious and to make a strong contribution to a cleaner environment.


Altrad Fort supports Tiel's ambition to become more sustainable in various ways and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This project, which was initiated by OCT Tiel, was carried out by Econnetic (project manager) in collaboration with B&W (installer). The first 10,000 solar panels were placed in this phase of the project, of which more than a quarter on Altrad Fort's factory roof. The ambition of Altrad Fort for corporate social responsibility fits Tiel's ambition to be as energy neutral as possible.

ALTRAD FORT B.V. - Simon Stevinstraat 6, 4004 JV Tiel - The Netherlands -

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