ALTRAD / Covid 19 / The #teleworking mode: a factor of resilience and social bond

For several days now, the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a massive lockdown for more than a third of humanity. However, a group such as Altrad cannot afford to break the bonds that unite its employees with each other and with the company itself.

The safety of our employees remains obviously our first concern and our production activities are naturally impacted to preserve each member of our community. The safety and security of our women and men is not negotiable.

Nevertheless, within the Altrad group, in order to continue to move forward, to preserve a constructive activity that creates value (including in uncertain times such as the ones we are experiencing), but also and above all to maintain social ties, the teleworking mode has been implemented, whenever possible, with the agreement of the hierarchy, and over a given time.

We are even discovering that remote working is, at least now, a means of putting all our expertise at the service of our clients, internal and external, regardless of the location of each other.

It is a matter of state of mind, commitment and organisation. Telework has become for many of us a fundamental factor of resilience. In the communications department, for instance, we want to continue to communicate through the most appropriate channels, convey the most urgent messages from the general management and above all those from the President, strengthen links, produce useful information, coordinate, get together, solve problems… On the face of it, we must admit that the operating mode is not the best for the moment, but the intention is there, and the results too: teleworking is clearly part of our continuity plan in this period of crisis. Physical distancing: yes, social distancing: no.

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