Altrad Australia – Carey Bindjareb Graduate Placement Programme

Altrad Holding, as part of its sustainability focus on Quality Education, is delighted to support Altrad Australia in working together with Carey Training and the Western Australian Department of Justice’s Carey Bindjareb Project, in offering training and placement opportunities to indigenous inmates who have successfully graduated from the Carey Bindjareb programme.

The programme, through a careful selection process, will be educating low security individuals who have made wrong life choices and are deserving of a second chance, through employing them within the Altrad team as they leave prison, giving them a clearly defined path for employment going forward, whilst also supporting Altrad with the growing need for quality committed labour.

The local Altrad team will be heavily involved with the new recruits through direct training, mentoring, and working with them as they transition through the selection process and into full time employment.

In addition to the vocational education and training, the recruits will receive mentoring support as they progress through the course as they integrate back into society and full-time employment including cultural and life skills mentoring, with constant contact with the candidates and their families to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved.

Scheme proposer and Altrad APAC Head of Assets Christopher McKenzie Comments:

“Altrad’s involvement with the Carey Bindjareb Project has grown into an initiative that my colleagues and I are immensely proud of. Altrad’s engagement, employment and ongoing vocational training will have a significant positive impact on the graduates that we engage as well as their families and the wider Indigenous community. I am delighted to announce that we have offered full time employment to six Carey Bindjareb graduates to date and certainly look forward to our ongoing engagement with both current and future graduates of the program throughout 2022 - 2023. This is an exciting initiative to be involved with and I look forward to Altrad Services delivering a successful engagement and training programme that could be replicated across other areas of the group”.

Asia Pacific CEO Neil Sadler comments:

“We are absolutely delighted to support such an excellent community initiative that has such a significant impact on the individuals involved. In providing these opportunities, we can also support a very real need that we have within the business in mitigating the ongoing labour shortages and finding avenues to bring people into the industry with world class support and training from the team here at Altrad. We will be working hard to make this a success and to further build on our efforts across Australia to provide opportunity and influence positive change for indigenous communities”.

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