ALTRAD ACADEMY: a brand of Excellence for training and education

The originality of the ALTRAD group is based on its history, its culture, its values, founding texts and an organisation that each ALTRAD Manager must know, understand, appropriate and finally embody and spread within his perimeter of competence and influence.

To allow the diffusion of this culture based on tangible and differentiating knowledge, the ALTRAD group has set up the ALTRAD ACADEMY.

This academy has all the resources and training set up by the group’s subsidiaries, as well as by its holding company. The first promotion of the “Executive Programme by the ALTRAD ACADEMY” gathered in January 2020. About twenty identified managers were able to follow an ad hoc training, with high-level education, combining interpersonal skills with peculiar knowledge, with a very strong feature, extremely exclusive to the Group’s originality and DNA, made of Safety, Ethics, Values ​​and the search for Excellence.

Other promotions will follow, and other training courses will multiply at the very heart of the ALTRAD Group, always under the ALTRAD ACADEMY brand. A significant way for the Group to actively participate in the construction of Excellence and to create Value from diversity, whether it be cultural, social, geographic or businesswise.

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