A Portrait of An ALTRAD Contractor: Arjwan Albu-Rahl

As part of our continued focus on diversity in the workplace, we celebrate the hard work, dedication, and excellence of our women contractors. To get one woman’s perspective on the industrial sector, we interviewed Thermography Contractor, Arjwan Albu-Rahl.

In September 2017, Arjwan started as a trainee in Altrad Services Benelux’s Plant Integrity programme. Now she tracks down energy losses for industrial clients. Let’s have a look at Arjwan’s unique view on the thermography sector.

Research into heat loss

Arjwan: "For two years now, I have been doing Technical Insulation Performance Check (TIPCHECK) research for chemical and oil and gas companies. I use a thermal imaging camera to detect heat loss in industrial installations. In this way, companies save energy and money, and reduce their CO2 emissions. I also advise on methods to remedy leaks, moisture loss and heat loss using insulation, and I carry out thermography studies."

Savings through insulation

Arjwan: "A client told me a while ago that my advice helped his installation to lose demonstrably less heat on a daily basis. That's a nice compliment. That encourages me to help other companies save energy, refine processes and improve the safety of their industrial installations".

A sector in full development

Recently, Arjwan passed the Thermography Level 2 programme with flying colours.

Arjwan: "Good energy performance is becoming increasingly important. That is why thermography is developing at such a pace. Keeping up with developments is important and that makes my job very interesting. I regularly follow courses, go to fairs and learn from colleagues. That's how I keep my finger on the pulse."

We wish Arjwan continued success in her career as Thermography Contractor. Her boldness, commitment and ambition are carving out a clear path for many women contractors to come.

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