15 billionaires who came from nothing…

In a recent article based on the Forbes ranking, entitled "15 billionaires who came from nothing", which appeared recently on the Web (on Insider Monkey and Yahoo Finance, among others), Mohed Altrad is listed among the 15 laureates with careers that are as astonishing as they are atypical; here is the exhaustive list with the words describing President Altrad:

15. David Murdock

14. Alec Gores

13. Oprah Winfrey

12. John Paul DeJoria

11. Mohed Altrad:

  • Current net worth according to Forbes (in billions of dollars): 3.5
  • Mohed Altrad ranks 11th on this list of the billionaires who came from nothing. Mohed Altrad is a French Syrian businessman, who spent his youth in Syria. He was able to earn a scholarship worth 200 francs from the Syrian government, because of which he was able to move to France.

10. Stephen Bisciotti

9. Howard Schultz

8. Ken Langone

7. Ralph Lauren

6. Harold Hamm

5. Shahid Khan

4. George Soros

3. Roman Abramovich

2. Thomas Peterffy

1. Larry Ellison  

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