Thermal spray coating

Altrad Services is an expert in the application of Thermal Spray Coating (TSC), from pure aluminium (TSA), or zinc, to the application of specific alloys for various projects, ranging from the coating of small, specific devices to large surfaces.

TSC is a coating solution that uses particles of pure metal or metal alloy, which are melted and cumulatively deposited on top of each other, layer by layer, as they strike the surface being treated. Several methods of application are available: usual, arc-spraying and flame-spraying, or more highly specialised methods, such as high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF).

TSC provides a wide range of benefits:

  • Long lifetimes with limited need for maintenance
  • Superior adhesion
  • The coating has a sacrificial anode effect on steel, which means the coating will corrode in preference to the steel substrate
  • Resistance to mechanical damage
  • Wide range of operating temperatures: from -45°C to 538°C
  • No drying/curing times after application
  • The application process can be mechanised
  • No health hazard from solvents or other organic substances.
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