Concrete coating

Altrad Services undertakes the repair and reinforcement of concrete structures through the combination of the most suitable surface preparation techniques and the expert application of the specified protective coating/repair systems.

Surface preparation of concrete is fundamental to the determination of how successfully it will be protected from degradation during its lifecycle; high quality surface preparation ensures that nothing will interfere with the adhesion of the selected protective coating or repair system. Altrad Services uses a wide range of surface preparation methods selected according to original concrete conditions and the type of protective coating system or repair material to be applied.

Our protective coating solutions use reliable products and proven application techniques that have an extensive-track record of concrete protection, from decorative thin film, through self-levelling toppings, to waterproofing polymer overlays.

For a wide range of concrete storage situations, our approach provides benefits such as resistance to a broad range of chemicals, abrasion and corrosion protection, structural strengthening and the protection against water & liquids ingress/egress.

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