Intumescent coatings

Altrad Services applies intumescent coatings, especially in the construction, industrial and nuclear sectors. These coatings are specifically designed to protect structural steelwork, skirts, process & storage facilities.

The main characteristic of intumescent coatings is that they thicken when they are exposed to a strong source of heat over an extended period. This creates a heat barrier that limits heat transfers between the heat source (or flame) and the substrate.
Some of the coatings we apply swell 40 times in volume when exposed to fire. This helps maintain structural integrity of steel for up to two hours before collapse. The products we use frequently are Chartek, Jotachar, Pittchar and Thermolag (Altrad Services and its installation teams are certified and trained by the manufacturer for these product ranges).
We are also an approved applicator for cementitious coatings such as Pyrocrete or Fendolite.
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