Fire-resistant solutions

The prospect of fire is an ever-present danger in the environments where Altrad Services works: Oil & Gas production facilities, refineries, tunnels, buildings… All of these facilities contain assets and equipment such as piping systems, cable trays, valves, actuators, tanks and vessels which can be severely and rapidly damaged or destroyed by fire.
In order to prevent or limit the spread of a potential fire and protect individuals from the diffusion of smoke and toxic gases, Altrad Services provides and installs a range of products:
  • Prefabricated fire-resistant panels. These are of the very highest quality and are generally made of fire resisting calcium silicate board. We use these panels particularly for civil engineering structures, especially tunnels, where we generally rely upon a tailor-made truck platform to increase the speed of placement and to reduce on-site operation time.
  • Flexible Jacket systems. We can install multi-layer insulated jacket systems which are able to protect specific equipment from temperatures of up to 1400 degrees for different time periods, depending on the client’s specifications. These jackets are fixed in place either through belts and buckles or wire lacing, can provide access to the protected equipment through inspection bays and are quick and easy to install.
  • Fireboxes. We have developed our own range of fireboxes for protection of valves and flanges in the Oil & Gas industry. Tested to protect equipment under a range of fire and explosion scenarios (such as jet fire, pool fire…) these systems are manufactured in our pre-fabrication workshops, are easy to modify or disassemble on-site if required and are clad in stainless steel to protect against the elements.
  • Insulation cladding systems. In cryogenic environments, we are able to provide a certified solution that mixes different technologies (e.g.: foamglass + GRP + Chartek).
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