Specialist bolting and flange management

Altrad Services’ specialist bolting and flange management services are available both onshore and offshore. Our teams bring a demonstrable track record of delivery for our customers that results in improved asset integrity and a reduction in risk associated with loss of containment.

A significant part of this work requires breaking into, and making safe, the ‘pressure envelope’. As a result, the ability to dismantle, inspect and correctly re-assemble plant, equipment and pipework is crucial to the safe operation of manufacturing assets. Over time, we have been instrumental in developing and introducing innovative tools, techniques and processes associated with joint integrity, controlled bolting and overall flange management. Our capabilities cover the following aspects:

  • Development and implementation of jointing standards, which includes technical bolting information associated with customer piping standards, process materials and gasket material
  • Review and identification of jointing to identify critical joint lists
  • Hot bolting services based on joint condition and process service risk assessment
  • Controlled dismantle, including spill containment
  • Safe removal and disposal of asbestos containing gasket materials
  • Flange inspection and tolerance checking
  • Flange repairs including machining or replacement and flange assembly
  • Bolt torqueing using both hydraulic and hand torque equipment
  • Bolt tensioning using hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment
  • Multi-stage tagging processes
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