Hotwork habitats (ATEX certified)

We have used habitats to facilitate “hot works” successfully in the upstream and downstream Oil & Gas industry for many years. They come up with a flexible and modular system that provides confinement & pressurisation, while allowing naked flame and other hot work (such as welding, cutting, sandblasting, TSA) to be carried out without the need for a production shutdown (allowing operation in ATEX Zones 1 & 2).

The principal components of the habitats are zipped modular panels fabricated from high specification flame retardant and fire proof fabric. They prevent ingress of potentially explosive substances and gases.

The main applications for habitats can be summarised as follows:
  • Installation and tie-in of new pipe work for brownfield developments and campaigns
  • Installation of new structural supports and skids for platform/plant upgrades
  • Repair of critical plant & equipment, cable splicing and housing non-EX equipment
  • Repair of process vessels where internal entry is required.
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