Flare tip replacement and flare modifications

Altrad Services, through its Norwegian subsidiary, has been a pioneer in developing temporary lifting and rigging solutions in the Oil & Gas industry. One of our many speciality applications for these skills is the repair, modification and replacement of flare tips, without the need for helicopter assistance.

We have executed a range of flare tip replacements both onshore and offshore in the Oil & Gas industry. Our track record also includes flare boom modifications, the replacement of flare platforms, installation of new flare lines and supports, inspection of booms and towers, etc.

A thorough inspection of each site is performed before the project delivery phase starts. Our engineering department then completes all the necessary calculations to support our solution in the safest and most efficient way possible, always ensuring that the work can be performed in the tight timescale usually afforded during the operational shutdown.

The project execution phase combines our access experience with the use of light, purpose made lifting equipment. Standard lifting solutions are available for flare tips up to 5 tons, with tailor-made lifting equipment being used on request. Our on-site project delivery team works always in close cooperation with our engineering department to ensure we optimise both the methods and the use of lifting equipment.
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