Cutting and removal

Altrad Services has the skills, tools and experience to perform cutting, removal and structural components decommissioning operations in any area of an Oil and Gas installation, having particular expertise in classified zones topside and in the splash zone/subsea. Our specialist multi-skilled cutting teams can also remove objects in locations with limited or no crane coverage.

In addition to our range of standard cold and hot cutting equipment, including small handheld tools, we have also developed special diamond wire cutting solutions:
  • Custom made subsea diamond-wire saws, for cutting of steel structures, jacket legs, riser protectors, boat landings, etc. The equipment has proven its efficiency down to 20 metres below sea level without ROV support
  • Unique topside diamond wire saw, purpose made for use in confined spaces. Certified by DNV for classified areas zone 1
  • Our diamond wire cutting solutions have proven efficiency for cutting black steel, super duplex, S316, titanium, concrete encased steel beams, heavily reinforced steel encased concrete, embedded steel structures, etc.
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