Cryogenic insulation

Altrad Services has an extensive track-record in the specialist field of cryogenic insulation. We have been a major provider of a wide range of cryogenic insulation services for the most recent LNG re-gasification plants in Europe (Gate and Dunkerque) as well as in LNG liquefaction facilities around the world.

We provide cryogenic insulation services during the construction phase of LNG facilities and we also ensure the maintenance during their operational phase:

  • We use an extensive selection of insulation and cladding products specially designed for cryogenic process facilities
  • We develop specific fire certified solutions (jet and pool fire) - light weight and modular - to reduce on-site installation time
  • We ensure excellent thermal insulation properties while reducing the risk of Corrosion Under Insulation and preventing moisture from entering the insulation system
  • Our highly skilled teams are capable of managing insulation projects during process operations to minimise the effects of shutdowns
  • We maintain strong partnerships with state-of the-art insulation products suppliers and carry out continuous research in this field
  • We also provide pouring or spraying insulation within casings or inject Polyurethane Foam / Pressure Induced Foam into insulation boxes (for flanges, valves...).
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