Netting & Decking

To facilitate access to some installations, Altrad Services also uses nets and decks (bridging systems and platforms). Thus, in areas that are difficult to reach, a work surface accessible on foot can be created using tightly stretched nets. In the same way, a floor can be created at a height, using steel cables and platforms.

Altrad Services thus provides workspaces at a height, both solid and stable, where users can perform various tasks ranging from the most basic to the most complex, sometimes even involving heavy equipment.
Our systems are designed to be simple, light and strong. They are also secured and stabilised by suspension chains. Our systems are suitable for a wide variety of working environments (offshore platforms, jetties, bridges, pipe racks and piping systems...). Each installation is entirely designed to meet the load requirements of a project and the structure on which we work. Specifically, we develop:

  • Mesh systems (nets): The system is composed of solid nets, which are suspended from cables. This allows us to offer a stable work platform on which our employees are able to operate. The mesh system is a modular platform that can be adapted to various configurations. The lightweight materials we use and the flexibility of the system guarantee secure access.
  • Deck systems (bridging): This is another way of creating work platforms in hard-to-reach areas. Specifically, we build a platform using panels and bearing plates. As with mesh and netting, the bridging systems are entirely custom-developed.
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