Renewable Energy

Not only does Altrad Services contribute to the construction and maintenance of "conventional" power and electricity generation sites; the company also takes part in the energy transition by supporting the latest technologies. We are therefore notably involved in sites such as hydroelectric power stations and wind farms, both for their construction and maintenance.

Hydropower, wind, solar (photovoltaic and thermal), biomass and geothermal energy are inexhaustible energy flows. And today, the portfolio of renewable energy projects of Altrad Services has become very important. This is because the Altrad Group has sought to progressively integrate its activity in innovative, forward-looking operating environments, thus contributing to constructive change by reducing the negative impact on nature and the environment.

Our teams possess all the specific skills required to support the development, construction, operation and maintenance of emblematic renewable energy projects. We provide professional expertise in technology and engineering, and have the knowhow to intervene throughout the entire project life cycle.
For example, we are frequently in charge of the maintenance of hydraulic power plants, in particular the removal of asbestos from penstocks; we are involved in offshore wind projects, but also in the construction of a legacy that is intrinsically more ecological (by complying with high environmental quality standards for example).

This approach goes hand-in-hand with a culture that enables our employees to integrate sustainable development into their day-to-day operations.


  • hydroelectric power stations (including penstocks)
  • wind farms
  • solar thermal power stations
  • bioenergy and biomass
  • biofuel technology
  • waste treatment and recovery plants
  • combined heat and power plants...
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