Process Industry

A process-type industry implies sophisticated processes in which raw materials undergo a specific chemical and/or physical transformation. This type of activity comes with major demands, and Altrad has great experience in working in these specific process environments. The most significant fields in which our teams have been involved over the years are linked to the pharmaceutical, agro-food, chemical, biochemical and mechanical processes.

We provide our customers with a wide range of multidisciplinary services and thus contribute to the construction and maintenance of major production plants in a number of industrial sectors. Our interventions are meant to support and secure large industrial assets. We have extensive experience in working for clients in these ever-evolving industries. Combined with our safety culture, we help them run their businesses in an efficient, cost-effective and responsible way.

To foster continual improvement, our engineers develop and customise methods and techniques adapted to these individual industries’ challenges. We are for instance able to reduce the on-site working time and running costs for our clients, as we can provide them with complementary and innovative approaches: when there is a new plant to be built or major facilities to be maintained, we can deploy our wide range of solutions, from process evaluation and inspection, to operational execution including scaffolding, insulation, coating or heat tracing.

Through our multidisciplinary teams, we are able to provide entire solutions, starting from engineering all the way to the most complex operational shutdowns or turnarounds. As we know our clients generally need to run highly automated processes on a permanent basis, our objective is always to help them improve their processes in a dynamic way. Customer care and peace of mind for our customers is our leitmotiv here.

Besides, our project management approaches and our logistical know-how ensure smooth collaboration between the different departments within a site to systematically deliver the projects in a timely manner, without a hitch.


  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry
  • chemical and biochemical industry
  • mechanical process
  • water and sewage treatment plants...
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