Oil & Gas Onshore / LNG

Altrad Services offers a wide range of critical services to the Oil & Gas onshore industry and to the petrochemical sector. We have taken part in a number of projects, always providing practical and reliable solutions, capable of maximising new-build or maintenance programmes.

We have indeed extensive experience of working on a full range of onshore treatment, transportation, storage, refining and production facilities, such as gas/oil separation plants, gas plants, oil refineries, LNG liquefaction and regasification assets, storage facilities and petrochemical plants.

During the operational phase of each asset, we comprise an essential part of the on-site maintenance team, working hand-in-hand with asset owners’ maintenance teams and providing assistance to other trades. In addition, we are able to effectively and efficiently ramp-up our presence during high activity periods such as site turnarounds/shutdowns or major modification projects.

We have also a strong track record in working with EPC contractors in the construction phase of major onshore assets, particularly LNG liquefaction and regasification plants and refineries. Most of our work is performed on the construction site, but we often provide services and solutions in our own yards or in our client’s fabrication facilities.


  • refineries
  • liquefaction/gasification plants
  • storage sites
  • treatment facilities
  • petrochemical facilities...
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